Single cell gene expression profiling in neural stem cells–innovative solutions for sample prep and analysis

Meet the presenter

Richard Fekete, PhD
Sr. Manager, R&D
Life Technologies

Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) can be differentiated into a variety of functionally specialized cell types, one example being neural stem cells (NSC). Transplantation of stem cells followed by directed differentiation has the potential to enable treatment for nervous system pathologies such as Parkinson’s disease, but for this to occur a more thorough understanding of hESC differentiation is required.

In this interactive webcast, Dr. Richard Fekete investigates stem cell differentiation via gene expression profiling of thousands of single cells at different time points during differentiation using qPCR. He will cover the methods he used for stem cell sample prep and analysis including:

  • FACS sorting of single cells
  • Sample preparation using the Cells-to-Ct™ technology
  • Pre-amplification and qPCR analysis of 100 selected genes

Duration: ̴45 minutes + 15 minutes of questions and answers (from live event)

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