Ion World 2013

Ion Torrent

Welcome to Ion World 2013
Mark Stevenson
Life Technologies

Ion Torrent R&D update
Michael McKenna
Life Technologies

Exome Sequencing

Sequencing services spanning single-to whole-exome sequencing using Ion AmpliSeq™ solutions
Jeremy Stuart
Selah Genomics, Inc

Ion AmpliSeq™ gene panel sequencing in neuromuscular disease research
Richard Allcock
Royal Perth Hospital

Whole exome sequencing as alternative to targeted panel
Christian Marshall
The Hospital for Sick Children

Whole exome sequencing using the Ion Proton™ Sequencer for detection of relevant variants in research of rare disorders
Christian Marshall
The Hospital for Sick Children

Transcriptome Sequencing Targeted Sequencing

Sequencing RNA and exomes in oncology reseach
Milan Radovich
Indiana University School of Medicine

CFTR analysis using data generated on the Ion PGM™ & Sanger sequencing platforms
Peter Ray
The Hospital for Sick Children


Ultra-rapid aneuploidy detection in single cells using a low-pass whole genome next-generation sequencing technique
Dagan Wells
University of Oxford

The evolving reimbursement landscape for molecular diagnostics
Kuo Tong
Quorum Consulting

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