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The launch of the Ion Torrent Proton means that RNA-Seq and Exome sequencing is now affordable for many laboratories.

Learn about the RNA-Seq and exome sequencing applications on the new Ion Torrent Proton next-generation sequencer in a series of two free web-based seminars. Sign up for one or both presentations that best fits your schedule.

Webinar Details

RNA-Sequencing Webinar

This presentation will review of the principles of RNA-Seq to quantitate gene expression, the ability to determine gene rearrangements and allele-specific expression, as well as its implementation on the Ion Proton sequencing instrument.

Exome Sequencing Webinar

This presentation will review the introductory principles of exome sequencing and its importance in cancer and inherited disease research, along with recent performance on the Ion Proton sequencer.


  For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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