Ion TargetSeq Custom Enrichment Kit

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The Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kit is a fully customizable approach that uses in-solution hybridization to capture targeted regions of the genome.

Utilizing the single day, simple workflow of the Ion PGM™ sequencer, Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kit provides a cost effective solution for target regions of 100 kb to ~60 Mb. This capture technology is ideal for sequencing of custom gene panels and for confirmation of high-throughput next-generation sequencing data.

Highly efficient, cost effective targeted sequencing with the
Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kit

  • Highest probe density leads to superior enrichment efficiency with more then 85% on-target reads
  • Single day, simple post-enrichment sequencing with the Ion PGM™ sequencer
  • Enrichment of multiplexed samples for increased cost effectiveness
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