Discover the latest advances in the evolution of exosome research

While exosomes are found in most body fluids, their mechanism of formation, makeup of cargo, biological pathways, and resulting functions are not completely understood. However, in the wake of recent discoveries, there is hope that proteins and RNAs encapsulated in circulating exosomes can help provide a noninvasive screening tool for very early detection of cancer and other diseases.

In this webinar, we will look at alternatives to the laborious and indiscriminate ultracentrifugation method of isolating exosomes. Dynabeads® magnetic separation technology is a simpler, more versatile tool for exosome isolation and characterization, and can be tailored for the isolation of specific subsets of exosomes.

Spend an informative hour with Life Technologies scientists Axl Neurauter and Sasha Vlassov for a presentation of leading-edge strategies for exosome isolation, as well as a discussion of the current understanding of exosome composition, functions, and pathways.

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At the end of the live webinar, there was a live Q&A session. We then took the most typical questions raised, and let Life Technologies Senior Scientist Sasha Vlassov answer these on camera.

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